Sunday, February 1, 2009

-ChOoSe OnE-

This week,I’ve to go back to my hostel because my lovely holidays are going to leave me again but they promise to come back and meet me again in June.It’s truly a long period to wait for the coming holidays.What a misery waiting moment for me.SADNESS

Frankly,I don’t want+like to stay at the KBU’s student house although some might say that the houses provided by the KBU’s accommodation department to the students was awesome and spectacular.BUT,the atmosphere of the houses area is not like you’re thinking about.Could you imagine,if you’re walking alone and suddenly a hideous bollocks dog appeared behind you and chase you without any reasons.Indeed,the brainless foolish owner just ignore the dog chases you like a hungry lion wants to eat its prey.

What will you do???
1. Run like a clown with his foolishness
2. Hide like a mouse in fear
3. You go to the owner,and you push the idiotic owner pretend like you want to fight with him because of the owner stupidity
4. Stay where you are and prepare to kick the hideous dog like a ball
5. Both no.3 and 4

So,what say you??Which will you choose as a solution??
I will choose no.5 because I had this kind of experience once and I really do the no.5 option.After I’d been chased for about 200m away in BU 6 area and I really got dead beat.I kicked the dog as hard as I can as it came nearer to me.You know what happened to the damn dog???It fell and run to the its owner like a monkey.Then,I went to the owner of the dog and pushed him like I was really got mad with him.The owner quickly told me that he really apologize for what had happened to me.The only damn words that came out from his damn mouth was only “I’m so SORRY BOY”.That’s why I pushed him.

It’s not that I want to revenge the owner from his foolishness and his dim-witted dog.Instead, I only want to teach him a lesson that he will never repeat the same thing to others.So guys,if you were chased by a dog,just kick it,if the dog is a small one.If the dog is a big one,you have no choice guys,you have to run or otherwise you are ‘like waiting a lion to eat you’. Thanks god,the dog that chased me before this is a small one.HAHAHA


  1. mg tolak btol ko tuan anjing tuh?
    hoho~ gocoh slaluuu

  2. lariii je laaaa
    kang sepak anjing tu nak bersihkan payah plak.. =p

  3. boleh la sepak anjing tu kecik
    siap tuan dia skali ko nk sepak~~hebat tu :P

  4. bollocks btul anjing tuh skali dgn tuan dye


  5. hahahaha
    sepak r btoi2
    baru best...

  6. fuih..cian anjing tuh

    next time bawak frisbee baling jauh2, lps tuh baru cabut!