Saturday, January 17, 2009


Actually,I don’t have any idea what I’m going to say and write this week.Ok,lets talk about my weekend activity.During weekend,I always play futsal with my friends,especially Friday night.Sometimes,I’ll invite my foreign friend,Mahmoud to join us and play together.Owh yeah,enough about my weekend activity,let me introduce you all to my foreign friend.

His name is Mahmoud,a tall,slim guy with a rusty-coloured hair .He is from Syria and really a nice bloke,but sometimes he can be warm and sometimes he can be affable,it depends on his mood.

His glittering verse “I’m the Salmon King”,it was with these words that he introduced himself to me.First time I saw him was in the library,he strolled as he entered the library.I was thinking what this bollocks guy is going to do in the library.ha3.He came towards me and asked me if I could help him to find a book in the library.Actually,the book that he wanted to find doesn't exist at all.

I really frustrated when I knew it.I told him that he’s going to find this bollocks book in KBU’s library!!You are in your dream to find such book in KBU’s library Mahmoud.He asked me why??I told him to gauge the library size.He really shocked when I tell him like that.He got confused.I tell him that KBU’s library doesn’t provide such book for revision or for student to borrow or guide them.Then he laughed.Since that time,he become my best “foreign” friend.hak3.

Now,he is staying in his apartment that he rents for RM800 per month in Punchak Utama.Everyday,he will invite me to have a dinner with him at as-safa restaurant near his apartment.I don’t know why he really nice to me.I think that this is because he is alone here(in Malaysia) and he wants a good friend like me.he2.That’s all about him.

Other than that,owh!!This week,I have a lot of work to do!!Applicable math,Chemistry,Physics,Economics and of course English.Argh!!!!This really an “exciting” weekend.I have to finish all these within two days.I hope so.Never mind,I don’t care whatever it is.I’ll try to finish them all.I think that's all for now,it's quite boring for this week.

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