Friday, January 9, 2009


Whatever people say I am,that’s what I’m not.

Behold of my new personality,a connoisseur of the new world,he2. My name is Ahmad Firdaus B Ismail.I’m 19 years old(3 months to go),he2. I live in Kuantan,Pahang.Before this,I stayed in Malacca for 7 years.N0w I’m studying in KBU International College.Am I proud to study there??Well,I don’t know.My previous school was Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College(sasic).My first school was Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanin,Kota Bharu Kelantan.This is the only place where you can find and meet the students who go to school by VeSpa.They are a lot of them.Actually,I had owned one before.I love VeSpA very much.I don’t know why I like it.Unfortunately,I have to sell it because I’m going to my new school in Klang.Enough about me,because nothing special about me.I’m an ordinary person like you all.

Well,recently,I live with my family,my dad,my mom,and all of my siblings.My dad work as a government officer.My beloved mother??She is a teacher.She teaches BAHASA in Sekolah Menengah Sungai Isap,if I’m not mistaken.I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.My eldest brother,named Syazwan,I called him LONG.He easily gets tetchy when I disturb him,ha3.Now he is studying in University of Tun Hussien Onn.My second brother??He is an army,ha3.He is studying in National Defence University(UPNM). Actually,he is smaller than me but he really a tough person.
The third daughter is my sister.She studied in University Technology of Petronas(UTP) and graduated last year.After her,my fourth brother,he is studying in University Islam Malaysia.My little younger brother is a naughty boy,I always has a brawl with him,luckily I win most of the fights,ha3.That’s why my father send him to Science Tahfiz School.Last but not least,my youngest sister who I love most among my family members,Rabia,because she always help me doing my work at home.ha3

Now I’m going to talk about my favourite music band ”OaSiS”.Well.many of the british people called them the best band in UK,the inventor of the Britpop genre.Some of them might say OaSIS is the meaning of the Britpop.One of their songs had been the british national anthem of the year,which titled Wonderwall. The vocalist of the band,Liam Gallagher has a nice looking hair.I always wanted to imitate his hairstyle but unfortunately it don’t work,ha3.Although now both the Coldplay and Radiohead have conquered the UK music industries,but without this rock and roll band,the UK music industries is nothing.Indeed,the Arctic Monkeys vocalist,Alex Turner,really admired them even though they are from different genre.The British father mods,Paul Weller, the Jam vocalist who always wear the Paul Smith shirts(the MODS shirt),also tagged OaSiS as the best band in the world.Well,I think you should try to hear some of their songs.I swear you’ll love them.

Last but not least,I would like to talk about the latest big issue about the Palestine world that all Malaysian people must know.I really regret and upset when I first heard the news that the resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) which calls for an ’immediate and continuous’ ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and a ’total withdrawal’ of Israeli troops subsequently from the Palestine territory last night.I nearly popped my eyes when the Security Council only emphasized on the ceasefire but was silent on humanitarian aid.What these all propagandas about???This is totally an absurd action. At least 760 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks so far and I think the number will tend to keep increasing. The United States, however, abstained from voting.From these all actions,we can know who are the people that responsible and to blame for this immoral and in clear violation of international law.So what we must do??As an ordinary person that have no power at all to change this cruel world,I would say that we must pray for the Palestinian people.That’s the best way to help them.I hope so. =(


  1. yes, pray, and preferable lend a helping hand, as much as we're able to.

    Derick Tenh P.S

  2. thanx mr derick..that's actually my point..a helping hand..he2