Monday, January 26, 2009


This week,I’m going home for a short break after 3 weeks in KBU.Unfortunately,there are a lot of homeworks+assignments to finish up.I don’t know when to finish them,but as far as this matter is concerned, I must finish them all within 1 week.Really a short period to finish it.

The main concern is when I reached my house,I don’t think I can manage my time to do these all things within 1 week.The first thing that will create a center of attention to me from doing my work is my attractive bed and pillow,ha3.It sounds weird but it is the truth .

When I lay on my bed,I can feel that all my body begin to paralyse and all ‘ions’ in my body tend to attract to my bed,and I feel like a titanic magnet is trying to drag me strongly until all my body lost power to fight against the attraction power. Consequently,I will succumb to the temptation and sleep pleasantly on a soft,firm and springy mattress. Lying on it and staring at the ceiling,
waiting for a sleepy feeling. Please don't spoil my day. Please don't wake me,no don't shake me leave me where I am,I'm only sleeping.Ahhhhh.What a lovely moment. He2

Hurm,what I’m going to do this holiday in my hometown??Play football??Don’t enough team members to play.Jogging??I’m not interested of it. Shopping??Argh,it’s all girls stuff. Wandering??where??Shopping complex??I’m really bored to death with the shopping complex of my hometown. It makes me sick.Ha3.So,what I’m going to do this holiday!!!!! I hope I will discover it soon.

Apart from that,this holiday I assume that it is not an electrifying holiday because I have to do a lot of assignments. I don’t have enough time to play.Actually,I cannot do my work at my house because of the temptations around me,so I need to go back to my hostel earlier in order to finish the assignments given by my lecturers.So I think that’s all for now.I’m shortage of ideas to write this week. =’(

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